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By: Dave Rashford

Graybar Canada is always thinking about its customers, which explains why the wholesale distributor opened a new 90,000-square-foot facility in Vaughan on December 11, 2018, making it their largest branch in Canada.

The Vaughan branch is a consolidation of the Markham and Mississauga locations.  The new building is situated between Hwy 407 and Hwy 427. Graybar Canada will continue to serve Mississauga area customers with a counter pick up location at 160 Brunel Road.

“We’re very excited to open a new Graybar Canada branch in Vaughan,” says Brian Thomas, executive vice president and general manager.  “The new facility is conveniently located and gives us better access to service new and current customers. With our electrical, comm/data and automation specialist under one roof, we’re able to strengthen our ability to provide turnkey solutions.”

The Vaughan branch also features a wire warehouse with a new wire parallel cutting machine, a modern counter area and a large training room to host educational seminars on-site.

“With our industry becoming more cohesive everyday, it’s important we have a dedicated space to educate our staff and customers about new technologies,” says Thomas.  “Our product knowledge, expertise and superior customer service are what set Graybar Canada apart from the competition.”

Employee-owned Company

Graybar Canada, an employee-owned company, is a wholesale distributor for thousands of items from leading manufacturers of automation, comm/data, and electrical products.  Headquartered in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Graybar Canada operates over 30 locations across the country and has access to over 290 locations in North America.

The Canadian company is a subsidiary of Graybar Electric Company Inc., an American Fortune 500 company, and one of the oldest and largest North American electrical distributors. In 2000, the brands of Harris & Roome Supply and Graybar Electric (Ontario) came together as Graybar Canada.  In November of 2001, after the first share offering nearly 40 per cent of Graybar Canada employees became shareholders in Graybar Canada. The company is committed to quality through its customer service, products, supply and distribution and performance.

Graybar Canada has specialized product divisions to better serve the needs of customers.  Together, the divisions can provide a complete solution for projects in government, commercial, industrial, residential, health care, and education.  The Canadian company offers products for automation control, comm/data, electrical supply, energy, lighting, oil and gas, security and technology and utility.

Graybar Canada differentiates itself from competitors in many ways – one of which includes its knowledgeable staff, who not only have industry experience, but are certified experts in their field. Whether it’s lighting certified, or a security product certified, customers receive sound advice.

“I think we have been very successful with our customers, because we listen to them, find out what their needs are,” says Maurice Dumont, a Graybar Canada comm/data account manager for the past four years, and a 25-year veteran in the industry.  “Once we know what they want, our trained specialists and top-quality products allow us to provide customers with a complete solution.”

Those solutions feature a diverse product line with a multitude of leading brands, 24-hour emergency services, dependable shipping and delivery and custom delivery including: drop shipments, on-site customer training facilities, product staging and kitting, inventory management and product management. Graybar Canada is also currently undergoing a significant digital transformation.

“We have core manufacturers providing top quality products,” says Dumont, who relishes the opportunity to work for Graybar Canada.

“It is everything I thought it would be and more,” says Dumont. “I had heard about Graybar Canada for years, and I knew the company had a great reputation and it was growing.”

As fate would have it, there was an opening for an account manager and Dumont was hired.

Customer Service

“I’ve learned about the great relationships Graybar Canada has with the large manufacturers in the comm/data industries and all the other industries we service,” says Dumont.  “It is more than I expected.  As you know we are an employee owned company, everybody cares about creating the best environment possible for customers. Customer service is the key.”

“We also have a great leadership team.”

The staff at Graybar Canada recognize that outstanding results for customers can be achieved by implementing core values such as teamwork, resourcefulness and reliability in practice each and everyday. The Canadian company continues to grow and maintain the loyalty of its customers because of those core values.

All Graybar Canada employees complete a core curriculum and development plan through Graybar Canada’s career management system. There, employees can take job specific courses, product training and soft skills to better serve customers.

Quality Management System

Graybar Canada’s internal quality management system defines policies and procedures used throughout Graybar Canada to ensure that products and services meet both the specified customer requirements and the business objectives in a consistent, economical and reliable manner. These requirements are based on the needs of customers as well as applicable international and national standards. Graybar Canada is committed to continuously evaluating its quality management system with a strong focus on effectiveness, customer satisfaction and continuous improvement

Sustainable Development

Graybar Canada understands that customers want to stay ahead of the curve, which is why sustainable development is an integral part of the company’s foundation for success. For that reason, the number of energy management products and services will continue to grow in to meet customer demand.

Graybar Canada works in partnership with organizations to promote and provide energy solutions and programs to their customers.

Applying smarter, more intelligent solutions to help manage consumption will generate the greatest energy savings and lead to a healthier, stronger bottom line.