By: Dave Rashford

It was evident that Jason Waud was not intimidated by the daunting task of introducing a new company to the Canadian telecom industry 18 months ago when he accepted the position of senior account manager for Cyient.

The international engineering company has over 15,000 employees around the world and boasts clients like Verizon and AT&T in the United States and Telstra in Australia. All told Cyient services 29 Fortune 500 companies.

Waud has worked in the Canadian telecommunications field for almost 20 years and has built an impressive list of portfolio contacts. He figured he had nowhere to go but up, when he accepted his new role.

“It’s fairly easy to grow the business when you start at 0,” said Waud. “Essentially my previous experience in Canada filtered down. There are two big companies, Rogers and Bell, so I do my best to get a fair share of vendor work with both companies. And then I do my due diligence with Telus and Shaw, leveraging my knowledge on their growth models, while at the same time targeting bigger chunks of the solutions-base theory.”

Waud has also had success working with teleco’s like Sasktel and TBayTel, as well as Utility Telco’s like BC Hydro. He credits Cyient’s business model, which is based on creating solutions for customer’s problems.

“The customer comes first,” added Waud. “Once I did my research on Cyient I was impressed with it’s vast portfolio. We can do one segment of a project or a business case and take you right from cradle to grave.”

Cyient was originally named Infotech Enterprises and was founded in 1991. The company has 47 locations across 22 countries. Cyient delivers a wide range of services that feature: engineering, design led manufacturing, analytics, network and operations and geospatial. Those services are featured in 11 industries: aerospace and defence, communications, rail transportation, utilities, heavy equipment and industrial, oil and gas, infrastructure, medical tech and healthcare, navigation, power generation and semi conductor.

Cyient’s global headquarters are located in Hyderabad, India. The head office in North America is situated in Hartford, Connecticut.


“We have major delivery offices throughout North America, we have an office in Montreal, and we have opened one in Toronto,” said Waud. “We will be looking to expand out West and add at least Calgary and Vancouver later this year.”

The engineering company supports their customers in three key areas of growth: planning, building and operations of networks. The first stage consists of the plan and design of the network and infrastructure, the business process and technology consulting, and service modelling and product design.

“We actually got notification that we have been approved for a seminar focusing on design for 5G and small cell at the Commtech East show in April and the associated West show in May,” said Waud.

The build consists of network installation and commissioning, GIS OSS and service assurance solutions, product/technology, development and manufacturing.

“We also have a solutions side of our business that we cater to in the marketplace and that can range anywhere from physical or logical network inventory solutions on the software side,” added Waud. “It can range from a discovery & reconciliation solution, or asset tracking management or data analytics to help your business.”

The operations area features desktop/field surveys and remote DC Ops, field engineering and network optimization of services.

Cyient provides operations for Verizon and AT&T, telecommunication companies which build and operate networks and market voice, mobile, internet acccess, pay television and other products and services.

“The first thing I have to do is educate people in the industry about who we are and what our portfolio is,” said Waud. “Because the simple question of ‘you’re Cyient’, what do you do, is not an easy answer.’”

Specifically for mobile networks, some of the service offerings are:

  • 5G Network Plan & Design
  • EMF Modeling
  • EMF Site Survey
  • Macro RF Network Design
  • IBS & Small Cell/Pico Cell Site
  • RF Drive Test & Benchmarkiing
  • As-Built Records/Postings
  • Remote Commissioning/Decommissioning
  • SD WAN


And for OPE and Fixed Line Engineering some include:

  • Desktop Survey
  • Field Survey
  • Site Acquisition & Permitting
  • Ariel Engineering and Pole Design
  • Network Planning & Design for FTTx and HFC
  • MDU/SDU Design Engineering
  • LiDar field information capture
  • Pole Auditing with IKE technology
  • Remote Commissioning & Configuration
  • Field Implementation
  • As-Built Recording
  • Verification & Validation

“In the engineering sector there is certainly a lot of competition in Ontario and GTA when it comes to fibre design,” said Waud. “One of the advantages of working with a global entity, is we can deal with companies that blend coax or copper. We cater to some companies in other parts of the world where legacy copper is still used. That is one of the reasons we are doing so well with Rogers and their HSC business. We have full teams that cater to that model, going after just the core fibre engineer.”

The senior account manager is looking forward to the CommTech East Show, April 15-17th at the Mississauga Convention Centre, and the CommTech West Show, May 28-30 at the Calgary Plaza Hotel Conference Centre.

“The CommTech shows in the East and West are of huge significance, even if it’s just the case of distribution and educating people about your company,” said Waud. “The CommTech West show is a diamond show. It is the only annual show in the West, and it draws people from all over, as far as Whitehorse. There is no reasonable way you are going to be able to connect with these people, unless you do it at this show.”

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