Telecommunications’ “bright future” will still need that human element, says Telonix

Telecommunications’ “bright future” will still need that human element, says Telonix

By Lesley Hunter

With close to five decades in the broadband industry in Canada, Telonix president Eric Goulden has seen technology come and go.  And as the industry continues to evolve, the pace of that change shows no sign of slowing down any time soon.

“There’s never been a time in this industry when changes have happened this quickly”, said Goulden, (pictured on left), who has been with the technology supply company since its inception in 1993.   “The need for data is increasing all the time, and the need for new technology is definitely part of that change.  Fibre optics, for example, as well other new technology, is all absolutely required now in order to accommodate what the future looks like.”

Headquartered in Aurora, ON, Telonix provides fibre optic and broadband equipment and solutions to the telecom industry from various manufacturers, all backed by technical support, on-site training and service.

Goulden said that a product’s useful lifespan used to be approximately 10 years during the formative days of telecom, but today it may only be 2-3 years due to advances in technology standards.  But new product offerings are only half of the equation, he continued.  Customers still need to see and understand how they can apply this technology to benefit their specific projects, and that’s where the Canadian CommTech Show and Seminars come in.

“This show covers all of the bases, from the inside plant and planning to design”, he added.  “It is still the only show in Canada that does all that.  The seminars are very valuable – if you were you to buy a day at a seminar with the quality of people that this show gets, it would cost $1000 per day, but it is offered free as part of CommTech.  It’s very valuable for us to see many, many customers all under one roof without us having to travel.”

Goulden said that his company helped to pave the way for the arrival of first CommTech show in Kelowna, BC, in 2006 which grew from an event that Telonix hosted with Telus.

He joked about wishing to be a decade or two younger to see where the future of telecommunications will head next.

“All I see is opportunity and a bright future for the way that telecommunications is going right now”, he said.  “When the next generation starts to combine their computer skills and their knowledge with a data path that basically connects the world, I think great things are going to happen in areas like medical research, on all sides, really.  They’re going to have an infrastructure in place that will allow everybody to participate.  Before it used to just be the big corporations, but not now.  I think that you’re going to see major advances in all directions just because of the ability of people to connect.  And that’s really what you’re talking about, a data stream that allows people to connect.”

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