2017 Call for Papers

The Canadian CommTech Show & Seminars is seeking proposals for technical seminars, forums and workshops to be offered during the 2018 shows.

We are also seeking participants for industry forums/sessions covering recent installations, challenges, results and experience.

CommTech East: April 16-18, 2018 – Mississauga Convention Centre, Mississauga, ON

CommTech West: May 15-17, 2018 – Calgary, AB (Tentative)


To be considered for a seminar slot, complete the form below and submit an outline of your proposed presentation(s) to Linda Guzman at: info@commtechshow.com (request read receipt).


We are seeking proposals for training sessions that will assist a cross-section of industries in developing, planning, construction, testing, maintaining and troubleshooting today and tomorrow’s advanced service networks.

Topics Requested:


  • GPON
  • IPTV
  • IOT
  • DOCSIS 3.1
  • OTDR
  • Installation & Service Best Practices
  • Advanced Network Troubleshooting
  • Safety

  • Testing and Cleaning of fibre
  • Fibre Design Concepts
  • Build Methodologies
  • MD(X)U products serving concepts
  • Leadership in Telecom
  • Lessons learned*
    (specifically requested for Standards Department)
  • The Evolution of Telecom Technologies*
    (in a specific space such as new market (greenfield) or  fibre overlay (brownfield) build

Interested parties submit a one-page abstract of 600 words describing the approach and follow-through of the proposed paper in Microsoft Word format. Abstracts will be evaluated based on timeliness and coverage of the topic, in relevance to current and upcoming technologies and the overall quality and style of the proposed paper. A speaker photo and brief biography is required. Selected topics will require a maximum 200-word description for print & publishing. A digital file of the presentation is to be provided for Show Attendees, post show.

Each company may submit up to THREE proposals for consideration. Topics for large or small, niche audiences are welcome.

Each speaker is allocated 45-minutes followed by a 5-minute Q&A. Additional queries to be directed to the host exhibitor booth for further discussion.

Applications for each show will be provided to an industry advisory committee for review and rated by popularity, relevance and content.

We request speakers who have excellent presentation skills, extensive product knowledge and be well spoken in the English language for maximum comprehension. Session rooms are equipped with a podium, microphone, screen and projector. Speakers will need to supply their own computers.

A digital file of the presented paper must be submitted prior to the event and will be provided to attendees following the show.

The key contact noted on this application will be informed of decisions by the end of January 2017.

Presentations must not be a sales pitch but be presented as an educational opportunity. Session may be product-specific, but must concentrate on introduction, training and troubleshooting. Logos and Trade Names must be kept to a minimum in digital presentations both verbally and digitally.

Please tailor extract as follows:

  • What is the topic or technology and how does it work?
  • What is the service and benefit to the customer? (If appropriate)
  • What is the business model and how does the technology impact the bottom line?
  • What are the alternatives? List pros and cons of each if applicable.
  • What is the implication to each industry segment and industry if applicable? Indicate in the abstract how you might address the unique requirements of each of the following segments: Executive; Engineering/Design; /Supervisors; Frontline


Attendees may be involved with management, purchasing, operations, safety, development, design, planning, deployment, construction, networking or maintenance, etc. The show draws from all facets of the communications industry including suppliers in the broadband, telephony, wireless, satellite, IPTV, contracting, security, oil & gas, IT, utility and municipal and educational institutions.

2017 Seminar Application

  • Key Contact

  • Proposed Speaker

  • Seminar Information

  • If you have selected "Other" for Sector of Interest, please describe.
  • Description of Presentation

  • Complete the Following Questions

    Maximum of 600 words each.
  • Upload your file here if you have one document that answers each of the following questions.
  • Indicate in the abstract how you might address the unique requirements of each of the following segments: Executive, Engineering/Design, Management/Supervisors, and Frontline
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